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ALTER EGO: Alex Summers postgraduate and researcher in geophysical science.
FANDOM: Marvel 616
POWER: Alex is a mutant with the power to absorb cosmic energy from his environment (like starlight, x-rays and gamma radiation), process it and discharge it as powerful, destructive plasma blasts in a signature circle pattern. His body will emanate these energies in waves unless he purposefully channels them a certain way. Alex can use his power in different ways- he can shatter or explode objects by causing a sudden vast jump in their temperatures by striking it with waves of hot plasma. If he projects a very low level of energy onto a target, the target will suffer a severe headache but not burn up.

The further away from and the less exposure to cosmic energy he gets, the weaker he is. He is immune to his brother Scott's powers and to the adverse effects of most forms of radiation and heat.

Alex's world is the Western-comics canon of Marvel 616, where mutant and human tensions often run high and where he has experience leading various teams of the X-Factor, X-Men and Starjammers.

i. early childhood
The second son of Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers, Alex grew up in Alaska with his family, but tragedy struck them very early on as the plane they were flying in was attacked by a Shi'ar spaceship. As the plane started to crash, Alex and Scott were pushed out of the burning wooden plane by their mother in the only parachute they had, in hopes they would survive. They did, but both suffered traumatic amnesia as a result. Alex was later adopted by a couple who had recently lost their son, and was thus separated from his brother.

ii. early time as an X-Man
He only became aware of his mutant powers during his time studying geophysics in college, when he was kidnapped by the Living Pharoah and the X-Men came to his rescue. At this point, he was unable to control his energy powers and feared the immense harm it could do. Later, he was captured again but this time by Larry Trask, who gave him both the codename Havok and a special suit able to contain his powers. He only personally gained control of his powers after his excess energy was siphoned off by Sauron. During this time, he joined the X-Men and fell in love with Lorna Dane/Polaris- this turned out pretty bumpy, as she was possessed by Malice and then deceived by Zaladane, and Alex had to contend with Iceman, who also had feelings for Lorna. Havok later also became romantically involved with Madelyne Pryor, which didn't turn out so well as she became the Goblin Queen and attempted to use Havok to transform the world into a demonic realm, making him the Goblyn Prince for a short while. Alex also learned that Corsair of the Starjammers was Christopher Summers, his father.

iii. Genosha, X-Factor, Mutant X
Havok found himself an amnesiac in Genosha, which oppressed mutants and used them as slaves, and became a high-ranking officer in its army. After his memory came back and he turned the tide of battle, he was brought back to lead the government-sponsored mutant team X-Factor, which he did effectively for awhile and which he is likely best known for. However, a time-travelling device of his teammate Greystone pitched him into a parallel universe in which he was married to Madelyne Pryor with whom he had a son, Scotty, and he willingly took up the role of a father to the young boy. Here, Alex also led The Six, alternate versions of his X-Men friends.

iv. 616 again, Lorna vs. Annie
Alex was eventually returned to the main 616 universe, where he remained comatose for months, cared for by a human nurse Annie Ghazikhanian who eventually fell in love with him after her son Carter linked both their dreams together. When he was reunited with the X-Men, Polaris asked him to marry her, which he never actually gave an answer to. As time passed and the wedding grew closer, he realised that he had fallen in love with Annie as well, and called off the wedding during the ceremony itself, causing an unstable Polaris to go havoc (ha, ha) and attack both Annie and Alex before she was subdued. Eventually, they ended their relationship as Annie left the school feeling it was unsafe for her and her son, and Alex stayed behind as he felt his place was with the X-Men. Alex eventually resumed his relationship with Lorna.

v. War of Kings
Alex was then reunited with his father Corsair and recruited along with a team of other X-Men for a mission in space to stop his new-found vengeful brother Vulcan, or Gabriel Summers, from attacking the Shi'ar empire. During battle, Vulcan refused to listen to reason and brutally killed his father, and easily defeated an enraged Alex. After Corsair's death, Alex formed a team of new Starjammers with the mission to restore Lilandra to the Shi'ar throne. Half the team was captured, and Alex was held in an underwater prison and tortured daily as commanded by Vulcan. He has just broken out of prison, and plans to kill Vulcan when he comes for them.

CHRONOLOGY: Alex and his team had been captured and tortured for weeks by the Shi'ar emperor Vulcan, incidentally his youngest brother who had also killed their father. They had just broke out of prison, only to be confronted by Vulcan and his powerful imperial guard. Both brothers seem hell-bent on killing each other, and a major fight between both sides looks like it's about to break out. (Kingbreaker #3)

Alex is a lot more like his brother, Scott Summers, than he usually admits. He is inherently 'good', with a very strong set of ethical values that serve as his moral compass, although the ethical decisions he normally has to face are more clear-cut and less nuanced. An effective and good leader, he is very willing to take up the position, and has displayed an adroitness at juggling complicated human relationships within his team members, including Wolfsbane who had a unwitting, unnatural crush on him, and a demoralised Strong Guy. Alex has a very strong sense of responsibility and duty to those he is leading, and will normally choose duty over love if they are mutually exclusive- as seen by how he refused to walk away from the X-Men with Annie Ghazikhanian- though he cares very deeply for those he loves. He takes things very hard, especially when his teammates come to harm on his watch. In battle he is a disciplined tactician and strategist.

Alex is hot-headed and sometimes easily provoked, and can be very impulsive. He shows a tendency to run away from his problems like his lack of control over his powers or perceived failure as a team leader. He can be a bit thick and broody at times, and it often takes his close and loved ones (like Scott or Lorna) to come after him and bring him to his senses. It appears that he cares about things too damned much, and would rather not deal with them than fail at them. With Vulcan, however, he is determined to see things through to the end.

He is a very decent man, but sometimes can be quite a jerk when it comes to love. He often has his doubts about his relationships, and takes his time coming to decisions about them- he only dumps Lorna for Annie at their wedding ceremony, and later initially rebuffs Lorna because he is hesitant to restart their relationship after everything that has happened. He probably possess a darker and more hidden side however- maybe it's the doubts, or the resentment, but so many of his incarnations have been evil, ranging from being the Goblyn Prince to Apocalypse's prelate in the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

Second of the Summers brothers, Alex does harbour a deep-seated resentment towards his older brother Scott for being so damned perfect a model and leader of the X-Men. Scott's authoritative leadership style really gets on his nerves sometimes, especially when he disagrees with his decisions, and it's usually with his brother that his hot-headed nature really comes to the fore i.e. sometimes he thinks that Scott deserves a good smackdown, and this can and does degenerate to superpowered sibling scuffles. Alex has for the most part overcome this resentment although it does flare up every now and then. Beyond and beneath this resentment, Alex also feels insecure next to Scott because he sees himself as a burden to him, and feels like he's living in his shadow though he tries not to let it show. But all said and done, he loves Scott very much, and his brother is a deeply important part of his life.

In C&C, he'll probably be more uncertain of his place and role in the X-Men. Having been brainwashed and yanked from his normal reality before- once in Genosha, another time as leader of The Six- he is no stranger to dislocation but probably experiences increasing anguish that he is abandoning his duty and his loved ones each time it happens. He will adapt, though, and come to cherish the relationships he has in these new realities.

His communicator ID is #22134468.


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