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❝ What are your character's canon or head canon phobias and how did they come to exist?❞

Canon - He's afraid of losing control of his powers and hurting people around him. It's why he's so adamant (well, kinda) about the stance that X-Men should not kill, because he fears himself losing control and killing others. (It's different with Gabriel, though.)

Headcanon - He's afraid of plane crashes and skydiving, since the family accident as a kid. All his time with the X-Men has conditioned him against having a phobia of planes and flying, but he forgets this sometimes when there's severe turbulence, or during the uncertain moment of take-off. And skydiving, who the hell would ever want to skydive?! What if your parachute catches fire?! But Alex is actually pretty well-adjusted in this regard.
❝ Why "Havok"?❞

Because he wreaks havoc with his powers, and back when he was first introduced he had a really hard time controlling his powers and caused great destruction with them. It also fits his personality because he does have the tendency to lash out at those around him whenever he loses his temper, which can be often. Also, because apparently it looks cooler spelt with a 'k' than with a 'c'.
❝ Thoughts on Vulcan dying?❞

Alex feels pretty cheated because he was hell-bent on killing him, and he and his crew have suffered a lot at the hands of Vulcan, not to mention the murder of his father. It's been a consuming mission for his most recent canon and something he feels he needs to resolve. It's immensely personal.

But at the same time Alex also feels a strange sense of...loss. He hasn't actually thought about what it would be like with Gabriel dead, he's just always wanted Gabriel to die. Being his mortal enemy and goal and opposite for some time has led to some sort of perverse tie between the two, not to mention the fact that he evidently had some emotional hold over Gabriel because he kept coming back to mock and one-up him, even in prison.

And Gabriel is, ultimately, his brother. Even though he's only known about him for a short time, he's still family. And there has to be some sort of moral wrongness about wanting to kill your own brother this badly. Alex never wonders if Gabriel can be redeemed, but he does wonder about what could have been if his childhood hadn't been so awful. But now he'll never know.

He's conflating the revenge issues with the family issues, ICly.


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